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tv   ABC 7 News at Noon  ABC  September 20, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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captioned by the national captioning institute >> live, and in hd, this is abc 7 "news at noon," on your side. we began in maryland, where community is really an after a tragic accident. eight two-year-old boy is dead
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after apparently shooting himself. this happened on the 1500 block of -- on the 6200 block of oxon hill road. brianne carter is live with new details. >> some of the neighbors were stunned to find out about this incident. a number of them are asking how this could have happened. shock and sadness filled this apartment complex after authorities say a to -- year-old apparently shot himself with a gun. >> if that is the case, the person who is responsible needs to be held responsible. >> authorities say happened around 7:30 monday night, when the taba was found with a critical head wound. -- the toddler was found with a critical head wound. if he was taken to an area hospital where he was later pronounced dead. >> it is surprising because it is outside of my door. >> neighbors described the boy
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as playful. >> it is just a shame. >> the young child was out playing just hours before the incident. many who lived there believe this never should have happened. >> said. he is a kid. he is like a little angel. >> authorities telexed a little boy's body has been taking -- tell us the little boy's body has been taking to the medical examiner office. the investigation is ongoing. and 11-year-old boy is hospitalized after a stray bullet hit him inside of his home on the 200 block of burlington drive in spotsylvania sunday morning. the bullet flew into his home during a drive-by. a witness was able to describe a description of the getaway car.
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turning to the weather. more rain could roll into night. adam caskey has our first forecast. temperatures are rising again. rising, but still a gray whether pattern. we will talk more about the rain chances. we'll take a live look at the super doppler seven as we have some light areas of rain wing during. the region lingering. -- winter rain. we have a little bit of leftover rain this midday. temperature 66 in the district. 71 in lexington park. manassas is at 64. the rain showers will clear out. still gray with a few peaks of sunshine possible. tonight, more rain chances but
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it is an unsettled week. i will talk more about it. and access -- and accident plunged pepco customers into the dark this morning. a few hours later, five customers were still without power. crews worked to reset those lines. to the americans jailed in iran will have to wait for freedom for least another day. shane bauer and josh fattal will not be released today because the judge who needs to sign their release order is still on vacation. there is also speculation they might not get their freedom until after the iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad returns from business on friday. last month, iran convicted them of spying for the less.
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it is a change their has been years in the making as for the first time gays and lesbians can serve openly in the u.s. military. "don't ask, don't tell" ended at follow 1:00 a.m. this morning. >> for the past 18 years, the members of the military could only serve if they did not openly admit their orientation. prior to that, anyone found to be gay was discharged. president obama sign legislation to do away with "don't ask, don't tell." >> we are a nation the size of many, we are one. >> pentagon officials say they needed more time to train the military on how to handle the policy. >> we are in the middle of war. the whole policy is the least --
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the lowest priority in my mind right now. >> this customer was -- this sergeant was kicked out of the army despite being an arabic speaker. >> the work that my specific job does is one of the most important in the military. >> a magazine is publishing the pictures of more than 100 active-duty gay and lesbian troops who have served in silence until now. some members of congress oppose the repeal, but military commanders say they are ready and will not allow any disruption in service. anyone discharged may now apply to reenlist. rebecca cooper, abc 7. world leaders are converging on the new york for the u.n.'s general assembly, but it could be overshadowed by a showdown over palestinian statehood. the leader is expected to ask for full membership in the u.n..
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the u.s. and israel strongly opposed. secretary of state hillary clinton remains optimistic. >> we are engaged in intense, on going diplomacy. >> other world leaders are encouraging more peace talks. the president plans to submit a letter formal request to membership on friday. we might not know where muammar gaddafi is, but that does not mean he is staying quiet. today, a pro-gaddafi television station aired a message believed to be from the dictator where he said his regime would not be overthrown. the message comes as rebel fighters say they are planning a major attack on a northern libyan town still had by madoff -- held by gaddafi loyalists. a woman is fighting for life and a man is in custody. police were called to the 1000
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block of massachusetts avenue this morning. we're live on the scene. >> the female victim is in the hospital, listed in critical condition, said stabbed repeatedly police say, at the hands of a man she was in a relationship with. d.c. police say the early morning incident along massachusetts avenue involves just terrible people, and it was one suffering from staff volunteered it was just before 6:00 a.m. when police say -- suffering from stab wounds. it was before 6:00 a.m., where a dispute led to a man being held drive away in handcuffs. one tenant says the news was shocking to wake up to. >> that is really scary. they just implemented new security measures, such as really surprising as well. that is terrible.
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>> police have not i can't -- released the identity of the suspect, and are not commenting on what he may have triggered the dispute. no charges have been filed. >> thank you. voters in part of prince george's county are picking a new county council member. 14 democrats and one republican are running in the district to fill the seat formerly held by leslie johnson. today is the primary election. the general vote will be on october 18. johnson resigned in july after pleading guilty to obstruction charges. councilmembers had shot down a proposal to give themselves a raise. not long ago, they voted no on a plan the proposed a $45,000 raised. cedras would have jumped from
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one of the 25,000 -- salaries would have jumped from one of the $25,000 to $170,000. coming up, actors on the beach. there are reconstructing a mystery in aruba and the prime suspect's high-profile lawyer is speaking out. it seems a lot of money to prevent a food fight. >> white camera is launching controversy. latest on a [ baby coughing,
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labored breathing ] [ coughing continues ] [ gasping ] [ elevator bell dings, coughing continues ] [ female emannouncer ] washington can't ignore the facts: more air pollution means more childhood asthma attacks. [ coughing continues
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] log on to and tell washington: don't weaken clean air protections. we turn now to the murder in aruba. the lawyer for the main suspect in the disappearance of robyn gardner is criticizing. he says prosecutors ignored some of gary giordano's statements. >> they're doing this to shoot holes into his story. there is no evidence, and
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everything that keeps getting turned over to the defense is all smoke, no fire. >> gary giordano remains jailed and is it -- suspected in gardner's disappearance. he maintains his innocence. a pair of scandalous political tell-alls hits store shelves today. "confidence man cocoaaccuseen" a kiss is still, white house of squabbling me. an oil rig exploded last night. the cactus. it sent a fireball into the sky.
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witnesses say at one point flames shot hundreds of feet into the air. homes were evacuated. nobody was hurt. it is not clear what caused the explosion. nasa is same chunks of metal debris will fall from the sky friday morning. they do not know exactly where they will hit. the satellite is speeding toward earth at 1,800 miles per hour, and the current track is at 130 miles up and dropping. >> once it hits a critical point, it will drop out of the sky, and we really will my know that until a few hours before it hits. -- we really will not know that until a few hours before it hits. >> much of the satellite is expected to burn up in the atmosphere into about 26 chunks
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ranging from 1 pound, to 350 pounds. the chance of it hitting a person is one in 3200 which is not that reassuring. the chances of winning the lottery are high. that is not so high. >> not the most comforting thought. it would be like shooting stars. it is always a spectacle. weather wise, gray and damp. brand the umbrella. -- read the umbrella. this is a tom lot spread -- this is a time lapse. what i like is it shows the what roads. still gray skies and a lot of rain leftover. here is a look of some of the rainfall totals. these are the highest i could find.
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we have a few indebted downpours here and there, manassas for an example. burke was hit by a moderate schaller. otherwise, rainfall -- shower. otherwise, rainfall accumulations. some areas of rain, locally into southern maryland. locally, it is right along 66 and fairfax county, and the beltway. it is slowly pushing off to the east as it breaks up and moves out of here. we are seeing a little bit of clearing in west virginia. we expect mainly gray skies. should we get some clearing in the shenandoah valley and the blue ridge, we cannot rule out an isolated thunderstorm. it will not be everybody. an area of low pressure is off
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to our nw. that cold front will move here thursday into friday. ahead of the front will have moist, southerly wind out of the gulf of mexico, giving the atmosphere ample moisture, and then a triggering mechanism like the cold front should cause some heavier rains. tomorrow we could add an isolated schaller. more importantly thursday, widespread rain, some of which could be heavy. otherwise, the parade to start the day. 63 degrees for a morning low and upper 70's by the afternoon. >> thank you. we are learning about a multimillion-dollar pay phone scam that went on for six years. today, the ringleader is expected in court and wire fraud charges, as police say he read more than 100 pay phones across
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the city to call numbers and polls in $4 million. the leader faces up to 20 years in jail. a controversial plan could lead to surveillance cameras inside fairfax county schools in response to a violent food fight. here are some pictures from it. surveillance cameras are on the outside. there is division on this issue. >> i feel our young people, by and large, are very responsible, and we do not have to be recording everything they do. >> that is a lot of money they pay, but if my kid was being bullied, i would want the cameras in there. >> it is not clear how much the cameras would cost. the school board will hold a meeting next month for parents and teachers to discuss the proposal. contest is launching a new
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effort to get more low income families online, unveiling its internet essential program providing low-cost internet access to families with kids on free or reduced lunch programs. it will eventually reach more than 4000 school districts across the country. coming up, off of the field and trying to get well -- did peyton manning make a controversial medical choice to get back on the grid iron? in the golden years, but not thinking about retirement -- to the below special workers honored. later today on "anderson,"
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injured quarterback peyton manning might be taking extreme steps to get back on the gridiron. fox sports reported he flew to europe for adult stem cell surgery. the procedure is not approved in the u.s. and it is not clear if it helped. he is expected to miss at least two months. two of the nation's oldest workers are being honored. they are among this year's outstanding oldest workers. get this -- the doctor is 102 and still runs a psychotherapy practice in los angeles.
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mr. wingate has been working at a generous -- janitor, and this is 101. the two were recognized in northwest.
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